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Verse Links

A WordPress plugin to automatically link reference to Bible verses to reference sites.


Additional Details

Verse Links is an easily extendable plugin that will find all references to Bible verses and passages within blog posts and comments and automatically link them to a verse lookup site of your choice. For example, Genesis 1:1-2 automatically becomes Genesis 1:1-2. Common abbreviations and book names variants also work, such as Gen 1:1, First Timothy 2:3 and 1 Tim 2:3.

The plugin currently supports the following sites by default:

It can also easily be modified to support other sites by editing the sites.php file. To add a new site simply copy and paste one of the $vl_sites lines and specify the correct parameters. For example, here is the line for

$vl_sites[""] = array(
"bookFind"=>array("song_of_solomon"," "),

This specifies the url patterns to use when looking up a single verse or a range of verses and that YouVersion doesn't support looking up passages that span multiple chapters. Also that they use "songs" in the urls instead of the default book name of "song_of_solomon". More instructions are available within the sites.php file.

New in version 1.2 is the option to to include mouse over tooltips on each of the links so that visitors can view the verse contents without leaving your blog.

Visit the forum for support.

In general the resources we list are free for both individuals and churches to use, but always check the source for any specific restrictions.


  • Beth Hammer - 2/27/2012*

     I do not necessarily site specific chapter and verse in my Blog, but I do reference books such as Ruth, the story of Joseph.  Wonder if your program just picks up chapter and verse, or commentary on Bible.

    • Jeremy - 2/27/2012*

      Hi Beth.  The current version (1.2) does not support chapter only references but I should be able to work that into the next release as long as there aren't any unforeseen problems in doing so.  Thanks for the suggestion.

      • Ryan Robinson - 4/24/2013

        Any news on this? I see it has been over a year since the suggestion was made. I've made adjustments to add as a source, and changed some other minor things (mostly streamlining out some functionality that we don't need), but I am an amateur with PHP and am getting stuck adding links for book-only and book-chapter references. Please contact me if you are able to help. 

  • Apa Saja - 2/28/2012*

    I think this is a good plugin.
    I write posts in my site in Indonesian. What to do to link to
    This site shows verse by verse, not range. Example: is Indonesian bible site.

    • Jeremy - 2/28/2012

      Hi Apa.  The plugin only has built in support for the popular English sites, but it's fairly easy to extend.  Open sites.php and copy and paste one of the $vl_sites lines as shown in the instructions above.  You'll leave the verseRangeUrl and chapterRangeUrl parameters blank and enter the following for singleVerseUrl:

      • Jeremy - 2/28/2012*

        On second thought, this isn't going to work too well.  Making this change will link the verses to the, but it will only detect English verse references (Luke) not Indonesian references (Lukas) within your blog posts.  If you're willing to make a few more changes, you can alter the list of book names it detects in the "populate_book_hash" method in verselinks.php to make this work, but it's not as simple of a change.  Sorry, this plugin just isn't built to easily support other languages yet.

  • Andrew Bernhardt - 5/22/2012*


    Sometime the scripture popup gets stuck and won't disappear (easily). Can you add an 'X' in the upper-right corner of the popup to close it manually?

    I have also written scripturizer code for my non-Wordpress website ( that handles shortened multiple references, i.e. it understands "John 1:1-4, 12, 3:16, Romans 1:1" and knows that "12" means John 1:12, and "3:16" means John 3:16. (My scripturizer code is currently inactive however for other reasons.) Might be something you might want to implement.

  • Zach Hilbrich - 6/20/2012*

    I see that you guys are limited to specific versions of the Bible. Is there any chance that you could do NLT or ESV?

  • Carol Brown - 4/3/2013

    I just uploaded your verselinks plugin. There appears to be code missing that controls the functionality of the mouse over to see the verse.  Can you help with this?

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